29 October 2014

Innova IT center

To create a new world for outsourcing is our Moto. We contribute on developing a new outsource creation society who always want to help a new guy to develop the real freelancer in the online earning marketplace.
Our Services:
To provide proper training on SEO, SEM, SMM, ArticleWriting, Classified ads posting & leads collecting, Data-entry etc. After completing these training successfully we provide them some job.  SO they can start earning from online job.
How we are able to do these: We have some expert freelancers who are able to give the teaching about the above subjects. When we are not be able to teach the training, we hire the trainer from others company. Our service will going on nonstop to get the best output from our company.
Massage to new guys: We have designed a new service for you with exclusive freelancing work training. If you really interest on it, so contact us ASAP by sending your CV to our mail. After reviewing your cv, we provide a mail to you or call to set up a date to meet with us. Our first target is to provide $100 earning opportunity in a month to our every trainee.
Our running projects are web-researcher, SMM, Classified live ads posting, classified lead generating etc. Every work is a smart earning

05 October 2014

How to learn speak a child?

We see a child learns to speak from it's father. A child at-first hear & see from it's nearest person like mother, father, grand mother & Father. Then it start to tell & understand.

    04 September 2014

    Article Writing

    Article writing is a creative online earning source. A earner need a good knowledge on English as well as good understanding power. Maximum article you can write in English. So you have to be a good English writer.

    Other hand, When you write any subject. That subject will have to be well known for you. Because without knowledge on any subject, you can not write one word.

    Article writing is need for SEO, link building, article submission etc. A article can give more visitor for a website. As article has a title which is used as a keyword. So it is also a good SEO work for a website.

    Various adsense owner want to write new new articles by a writer. This work is very demand-able on online earning marketplace like Odesk, Elance & Freelancer etc.

    Look at the picture of Odesk high earning works list. Where legal writing is 10 position & SEM is 19 position so it highly demand able work.

    So lets start writing & start earning.